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KNOWLEDGE which is not handed down is KNOWLEDGE which is lost.

Rick McLaughlin and John Bennett

Drs McLaughlin and Bennett each have more than 40 years of experience as orthodontists

They are seen here in 1997, when they announced recommendations on treatment mechanics and bracket specification which have become the most widely followed in the world and continue to form the basis for teaching in many university departments.

This contribution and time spent on the lecture circuit mean that both Drs McLaughlin and Bennett are ideally placed to provide the information orthodontists need to take their own treatment to a new level.

This website is a portal for residents and practising orthodontists to access information on McLaughlin Bennett System 5.0 and study the core knowledge available. Doctors can then register free of charge on the Forestadent Campus 365 website to view the video tutorials and use them as a learning resource to refine and develop their own clinical practice.

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