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Advancing orthodontic education – a one-stop source of orthodontic knowledge

Campus 365 is an all-new program of further education and training, and it is the brainchild of Mr Stefan Foerster, one of the executive directors of Forestadent. Uniquely it brings together a panel of experienced teachers and offers an opportunity to broaden your orthodontic horizons and hone your clinical skills.

A wide range of topics is covered and the program is continually expanding, so you are likely to find new and interesting treatment approaches, whatever your area of interest. Campus 365 adds an extra dimension to orthodontic education and has been widely welcomed by the specialty.

McLaughlin-Bennett 5.0 in Campus 365

The Systemized and San Diego teaching videos are an important part of Campus 365, and they offer a new level of on-line clinical teaching.

MB 5.0 is recognised worldwide as the most widely used treatment method, and if you follow the philosophy and miss the ever-popular McLaughlin-Bennett traditional courses, this is a chance to remain well-informed using an exciting new format and at your own pace and convenience.

Forestadent building

Campus 365 has been launched by Forestadent as a new program of further education in 2021 and beyond. It is a valuable one-stop source of advanced orthodontic knowledge.

Teaching MB5.0

If you miss the McLaughlin-Bennett courses this is a chance to keep up to date with the MB 5.0 philosophy at your own pace and convenience.

Dr Bennett teaching in Moscow

Dr Bennett is seen here teaching in Moscow in December 2018. For orthodontists who want to advance their knowledge, the Campus 365 program offers an excellent alternative to conventional courses.