The San Diego series of video tutorials follows on from the ‘Systemized’ series and includes a wide range of well-treated cases from Dr McLaughlin’s practice, many of which have not been shown before. This series will be of particular interest to orthodontists who want to manage cases of medium to severe difficulty with confidence.

For orthodontists – expand your knowledge and confidence.

For university teachers – some more difficult teaching cases.

For senior orthodontic residents – build on your knowledge.

Each video runs to about 45 minutes.

San Diego

The San Diego series of cases is taken from Dr McLaughlin’s own practice in San Diego and shows the in-depth management of medium to severe malocclusions.



New levels of insight into MB 5.0

Over the years Drs McLaughlin and Bennett have given hundreds of courses and there is always particular interest in the stage-by-stage treatments shown.

The cases in the San Diego series have been worked up to a new level to provide more detail than is possible in the courses or in books, showing how each case was successfully managed from start to finish.

The chosen malocclusions explain the use of MB 5.0 to provide solutions to challenging problems.

Book series

Since 1993 the books have been a key source of information. However, in the 2020s the video tutorials may offer a better learning option – they can carry orthodontic teaching to a new level.

This is just the beginning

In the early days Drs McLaughlin and Bennett were uniquely placed to blend the new science with a vast amount of experience.

The Systemized and San Diego teaching videos promise to be a breakthrough – an exciting and effective format for easy learning, and with a level of detail which has not been seen before.

Produced in 2020, the San Diego series was structured to include 10 high-quality tutorials. A second series is already underway, to be released in 2021, and if all goes to plan, orthodontists who treat their patients using the MB 5.0 philosophy will have ongoing support through 2021.

Drs Rick McLaughlin and John Bennett

Drs McLaughlin and Bennett seen together at the 2017 Forestadent Symposium in Pforzheim.