The decision making process in the diagnosis and treatment of a 12.8 year old girl with bimaxillary protrusion, incisor crowding, proclined upper incisors and a mild Class III skeletal pattern.

Treated case two
Treated case two
Treated case two
Treated case two

Diagnosing bimaxillary protrusion

– warning signs from hard tissue measurements
– soft tissue cephalometric analysis – 14 key Arnett values

Premolar extractions in crowded cases

– dental aesthetics after upper second premolar extractions
– managing invaginations in premolar extraction sites

Techniques for effective incisor alignment

– controlling canines and first premolars with lacebacks
– making space for incisor alignment before bracketing

The importance of bendbacks

– how to produce tight bendbacks…
– and why they are essential to prevent incisor flaring

The versatility of mechanics with System 5.0

– steel .019/.025 working wires for inter-arch mechanics