The planning and treatment of a 12 year old boy with an uncrowded Class II malocclusion and a deep bite. There was an average maxillary occlusal plane and an MM.

Treated case 8
Treated case 8
Treated case 8
Treated case 8

Paying attention to the MM angle

– why it is helpful in treatment planning
– its significance in the extraction decision

How to improve patient motivation

– involvement at the treatment planning stage
– explaining treatment progress, step by step

Using systems for better patient care

– a systemized approach to practice procedures
– systemized treatment for frequent malocclusions

Five factors for overbite control

– good overbite correction in every case
– the need to allow time for canine root movement

The MB 5.0 prescription

– how the correct in-out delivers lower anterior alignment…
– … and the research origins give a ‘natural look’ to results