An adult male with a crowded Class I malocclusion, a mild Class III skeletal pattern, and prominent canines in a heavily restored dentition.

Treated case five
Treated case five
Treated case five
Treated case five

MiniSprint II

The premolar extraction decision

– anchorage needs as a key factor
– the advantages of extracting second premolars

Sectional mechanics at the start

– advice and tips on good technique
– common errors and how to avoid them

Arch wire sequencing

– typical arch wire sequences
– the advantages of .019/.025 steel working wires

Effective techniques for space closure

– the benefits of the MB 5.0 active tie-back method…
– …compared with elastomeric chain

The importance of the ‘progress review’

– correcting bracket positions before the working wires…
– …it reduces treatment time in the later stages