The decision making process, the management, and the stage-by-stage treatment of an adult male patient with a severe Class III malocclusion and crowding.

Treated case 4
Treated case 4
Treated case 4
Treated case 4

Diagnosing a severe Class III case

– hard tissue input from cephalometry, including WITS
– the use of 14 key Arnett values for soft tissue analysis

The extraction / non-extraction decision

– how to manage the substantial crowding in this case
– the diagnostic thinking to reach a correct decision

Arch development and co-ordination

– the need for arch wire coordination… it’s important
– how snap impressions are used to ensure tooth fit

Managing a steep curve of Wilson

– the advantages of the MB 5.0 prescription
– why torque may be needed for working arch wires

Settling techniques in Class III

– managing and maintaining the upper arch form
– the advantages of slight over-correction