The treatment planning and management of a Class II malocclusion in a 12 year old boy. There was upper arch crowding, a retrognathic mandible, and a steep occlusal plane.

Treated case seven
Treated case seven
Treated case seven
Treated case seven

The diagnosis of Class II malocclusion

– the treatment of maxillary crowding
– maintaining the integrity of the lower arch

The importance of cephalometry

– occlusal plane as a factor in Class II treatment
– using WITS to evaluate the skeletal pattern

Managing the molar relationship

– distal movement versus extractions
– are Class II molars second class?

The maxillary occlusal plane

– why it is important in facial planning
– the treatment limits for a retrusive chin

Arch form

– the ovoid, square and tapered options
– managing arch form throughout treatment