A 9.10 year old boy with a crowded Class II/I malocclusion and proclined upper incisors on a Class II dental and skeletal pattern.

Treated case three
Treated case three
Treated case three
Treated case three

Meeting the patient’s chief concerns

– identifying and treating dental concerns
– discussing and managing facial concerns

The effect of the lower lip in Class II

– abnormal lip position and activity in Class II/I
– the effect of the high lip line in Class II/2

Damage risks for proclined upper incisors

– the frequency and peak ages for injury
– the incidence male vs female

Methods of space closure

– the advantages of MB 5.0 active tie-back method… compared with elastomeric chain

Correction of torque for rolled-in molars

– how the MB 5.0 prescription is effective… for torque control without wire bending