The Systemized series is an invaluable information source for orthodontists at all levels:

For experienced orthodontists – to refresh their knowledge or train assistants.

For university teachers – a structured approach to teaching mechanics.

For orthodontic residents – a starting point to success in the specialty.

Each title in the first Systemized series typically runs for about 35 minutes. Together the titles demonstrate an efficient and systemized approach, detailing key strategies for high quality outcomes.


Watch the short introductory video here.

A didactic approach

Dr Bennett has a reputation for clear, logical teaching, backed up with exceptional diagrams and stage-by-stage treated cases.

Using his didactic approach and acknowledged teaching skills, he has created this all-new series of orthodontic videos. They offer an unrivalled source of on-screen information – great for ‘getting the message across’!

Announcement of the first series brought an enthusiastic response from the orthodontic community and a second series is in preparation, for release in mid-2021.

John Bennett and students

Some of the 70 doctors who attended a well-received course in Belgrade in September 2018, along with the course organisers, Jochen Escalante and Stephan Dunlap.

Deep knowledge

In the early days Drs McLaughlin and Bennett were uniquely placed to blend the new science with a vast amount of experience.

Dr McLaughlin worked part-time in Dr Andrews’ practice for seven years and during the 1970s and 80s he and Dr Bennett developed their successful treatment method.

This was based on the science and saw widespread acceptance within the specialty. A process of incremental improvement followed, and these unique videos document the philosophy as it stands in 2020.

John Bennett presents

Dr Bennett presenting in Munich in June 2018. The original McLaughlin-Bennett Munich courses ran for more than 15 years starting in 1981.