Clear recommendations for the management of arch wires and arch form – important at every stage of the treatment and essential for optimal aesthetics and stability.

The three forms

– how to assess arch form for each case at the start of treatment
– recognising and managing regional variations in arch form

Levelling and aligning

– using just one shape of .016 HANT at the start of treatment
– using three forms – tapered, ovoid and square – at the .019/.025 HANT stage

Working wires

– an easy and quick way to create customised arch wires for each patient
– the most frequent hook positions for .019/.025 rectangular steel wires

Stock control

– a recommended range of wires suitable for McLaughlin-Bennett 5.0 mechanics
– how to adapt upper arch wire torque for controlled molar expansion
Arch wires
Arch Wires North America
Arch wires - HANT
Arch wires - Mini Sprint