This tutorial uses key information and animations to show why correct bracket positioning of accurate brackets is at the heart of good treatment, and is the first step towards an ideal outcome.

The science

– understanding and applying the research of Dr Andrews
– how science, tradition and experience all play a part in good treatment

Long axis of the clinical crown

– why LACC is at the heart of good technique when positioning brackets
– the move from rectangular SWA brackets to rhomboidal MBT and MB 5.0

Gauges and charts

– why correct vertical placement is more difficult than axial and mesio-distal, and how to achieve accurate vertical positioning every time

Bracket repositioning

– advice on recognising bracket positioning errors early in the treatment
– why repositioning is needed in some cases, even after an expert set-up
Bracket Positioning Part One - The science
Bracket Positioning Part One - Molars
Bracket Positioning Part One - Gauges
Bracket Positioning Part One - Gauges II