This tutorial gives advice and tips for successful bracketing of incisors, canines, premolars and molars. Why re-positioning is sometimes needed, even after an expert set-up – it’s part of the philosophy.

Bracketing incisors

– techniques for achieving accuracy in all three dimensions, every time
– how to modify the vertical positioning in deep bite and open bite cases

Techniques for canines

– managing the three available torque options to meet the needs of the case
– why it can be difficult to achieve accurate canine positioning

Accuracy with molars

– tips for optimal vertical and rotational positioning of lower molar tubes
– common errors in molar positioning, and how to avoid them

Re-po and the progress reviews

– the need for repositioning when indicated, to ensure effective treatment
– how the progress review is used to reduce treatment time during finishing
Bracket positioning Part Two - incisors

Incisors – vertical adjustment for open bite

Bracket Positioning Part Two - extraction

4 unit extraction cases

Bracket Positioning Part Two - lower molars

Lower molars

Bracket Positioning Part Two - lower premolars

Lower second premolar tubes