Insights into systemized and effective mechanics during the important opening procedure of fixed appliance treatment, including an evaluation of three methods of making space.

The process

– master the important steps on the way to the .019/.025 steel working wires
– how to prevent key features of the malocclusion becoming worse

The mechanics

– the correct use of lacebacks and bendbacks is fully explained
– common errors, including ‘round tripping’, and how to avoid them

Making space

– three methods of making space, with guidance on which one to select
– gaining space by lower incisor proclination in most Class II/2 treatments

Enamel reduction

– the need for today’s orthodontist to use enamel reduction in many cases
– how to avoid unwanted incisor proclination in the lower incisor region
Levelling and aligning
Levelling and aligning
Levelling and aligning
Levelling and aligning
0.25mm mesially and distally