In many extraction cases there are aesthetic and tooth fit advantages in preferring second premolars over first premolars, followed by sectional mechanics at the start of treatment.

Size, shape and aesthetics

– why the 4-3 contact can be more aesthetic than the 5-3 contact
– recognising and taking advantage of smaller upper second premolars

Lower second premolars

– managing teeth with abnormal crown form or rotations
– dealing with tooth size and molar relationship in agenesis cases

Anchorage theories

– the anchorage difference between first and second premolar extractions
– why conventional thinking may not be supported by the research findings

Sectional mechanics

– correct techniques and tips for getting the best from sectional mechanics
– how to successfully transition from sectional to full arch mechanics
Aesthetics 5-4-3
Aesthetics 5-4-3
Second premolars
Second premolars
Second premolars