The information in this presentation will enable the orthodontist to recognise tooth fit issues, which are a feature of so many malocclusions, and manage them with confidence.


– why tooth fit can be a challenge in up to 50% of cases
– understanding the causes of poor tooth fit

Tooth size management

– options for the treatment of excess lower or excess upper enamel
– enamel build up versus enamel reduction

Incisor torque and overbite

– animations showing why the third of Andrews’ keys is important in tooth fit
– recognising and managing the interplay between tooth fit and overbite

The importance of ‘in-out’

– in-out is often the ‘poor relation’ in bracket design, after tip and torque
– why correct in-out matters if we want results with ideal contact points
Tooth fit - 3 factors
Tooth fit – 3 factors
Incisor build up
Incisor build up? Enamel reduction?
Tooth fit torque
A need for torque?
Tooth fit